Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The goldilocks dining table

I wrote a post awhile back and acquiring my dining room table, I had been searching for the perfect farmhouse table but knew I wanted something genuinely old with some good history and sturdy bones. I found my table on Craigslist and eagerly called the number to find it was still available, upon arriving to pick it up, I may have promised the owner that I would not alter it in any way after I casually mentioned how pretty the legs would be white... I did not sit and the table and had every intention on keeping the table in it's original state...

But then I got it home and sat to eat dinner at it, and i could barely scoot under it, my legs scraped and jammed against the skirt. After living with it for six months and a few people, mainly my 6'2 boyfriend not fitting at it in the least, I decided something needed to be done. I contacted a lady who owns a shop in hazel green and she agreed to take off the old legs and build new chunkier taller legs in their place, I asked to make the table 6 inches taller. The table took a trip in my papas pick up and a few weeks later I picked it up and brought it home. And it was too TALL...

I didn't factor in how long the skirt was when deciding on how much height to add- luckily the legs she built had an odd little extension past the ball of the leg, so we got out the saw and hacked it off and now it's perfect! This will definitely be a table to be passed down. 

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