Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving on up

I've had a bit of an absence, this has been an incredibly busy (but good busy!) last few weeks

One of the most exciting being that Two Peddler's is MOVING ON UP!!! MOVING ON UP, TO THE TOP..... to a deluxe booth in the back of the store!

To get an idea, here is our previous booth...

I loved this little booth- It was the one we picked out when University Picker's was months from opening, it had only framed walls.  Me and Vanessa stood there looking at it wondering if we could take it on, it was an 8 by 10.  It's funny looking back and when we thought "Wow! this is going to be a lot to fill, and what if we don't sell anything?" But fast forward 7 months later and we were doing pretty darn good! and STUFFED to the rafters with merchandise between the two of us bringing in new items each week- we knew it was time to move.  It was bittersweet leaving our original home, but the store's owner, Paul, built us a beautiful 10 by 13 space in the back of the store, the new space also has 2 four foot walls making more of an "entrance" into our booth.

With the new space we were able to each have a side to personalize- you walk in and I'm on the left, Vanessa is on the right and we share the middle and back wall.  We each had a 4 foot wall, and 10 foot wall to decorate and display our goods! it was a VERY exciting. But then the fun stuff..... the painting, decorating, moving, bringing in more to fill it up.... so it looked like this for about a half a day...

I like to think that about 85% of the time I am a neat and tidy person, messes cause me anxiety, I didn't even know where to start- we both just stood there thinking "what next??" but 8 hours later, we had this.... The entrance to Two Peddlers.

After entering you'll see on the left is my space, I had decided to go with a name change and now welcome to "The Painted Farmhouse,"

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for our little business!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oops I did it again...

Pure madness, can't stop, but there soo cute! 

Enough said....

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coffee table

I went to a preview for an auction last night and fell in love with this map cabinet,

The auction started today at 4pm, I sat for four straight hours- starving as they went through about 100 other pieces of furniture and some hideous figurines to get to this beauty- everything was going ridiculously high but I held out knowing i would beat myself up if it went for what I was willing to pay. I am cheap when it comes to home decor- especially since I get most things at yard sales/estate sales, but I was so in love with this that I told myself I was willing to go to $400, I looked on eBay and etsy and determined it was well worth this. When they got to this piece- I felt sick- especially after watching at least 20 people go look at it, open its drawers, inspect it close while I whispered "back away." Bidding started at $50 and ended with my bid of $275 :)     

I called my grandma after I won exclaiming my excitement and she suggested I get glass cut to fit the top and put an old map underneath- brilliant!

This will now probably be with me until I die and my children are like "What the heck do we do with this? And who's going to want 421 mason jars?" 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hoarders: buried alive

Sometimes I think I may end up on that show, I do NOT like clutter, messes, unorganized things... From the inside of my home this is evident, however my garage is a different story, but... Unlike most cluttery messes, the garage does not make me anxious... In fact, I get excited- there's so many treasures in there! I love picking out the next items to take to the booth, to paint, or to repurpose.

So while this may look like a bunch of junk to you, these are my prized processions...ones I've driven all over for ,searched high and low, cleaned off spiders, used my my muscles to move, and fought back urges to keep it all :) 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall

I'm not a fan of those huge builder grade mirrors they put in new construction homes- I asked that my builder just leave them out of my two baths so I wouldn't have to rip them off (their always glued it seems) and damage the wall. I had 3 months to find mirrors- I found the perfect mirror for my guest bath within weeks but could not find one for my master bath, I've now lived in my house for 3 months with a little mirror leaning against my wall behind the left sink. I didn't want to just settle and I wanted something with a little more character than a traditional rectangle or square, my other option was two separate mirrors but I could never find two in a pair that would fit the space. I was recently at an antique mall and saw this beauty...

It had just the character and lines I had been looking for only it was a tad bit small- I went for it anyways because of its 30.00 price tag. I gave it a coat of milk paint in Annie sloans "Arles" which is the perfect golden yellow.

Then a light wipe down with light brown antique wax, and had a friend help me hang it up- hanging heavy items is not my strong point,

Forgot to take a picture without the blue painters tape- but you get the idea. It doesn't extend the span of the wall- but I think it's a good fit. I debated between yellow or white- but with the white cabinets and mostly white granite I thought a pop of color would be fitting- my bedding has a lot of the golden yellow  so the two rooms tie together. 

One more thing to cross off the to do list :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stick a fork in it....

She's done almost done....

Just need to pick out some pretty vintage hardware for the cabinets and doors, I'm so glad I went on impulse and bought this piece of furniture- I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! and it's perfect for all my craft storage needs.  Changes include two coats of Maison Blanche "Magnolia" chalk paint, some distressing, a light brown antique wax, spray painting the adjustable shelf rails and door hinges in oil rubbed bronze, and changing the backing to beadboard painted with Maison Blanche's "Meil."

Without further a due,

Friday, July 12, 2013

You see....

What had happened was...

This little piggy didn't go to market, this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way to my home. I know I said I was going to stop with the pigs, BUT I went to an auction tonight and there this was right on the front table- I took a look at the 100 or so people in the room and gave them evil stares- telepathically saying "don't look at that pig" and still someone was trying to engage me in a bidding war! But he gave up at 22.50 and this bad boy came home with me for 25.00 :) 

As for where he's going... He may sit on his butt and hold umbrellas or pretty decorative sticks with his mouth or sit by the door and greet people, I mean the possibilities or nearly endless... 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oink oink

So sometimes I'm just drawn to something... Often odd ball things, for instance on a trip to university Pickers recently- I passed by a wooden crate with metal yard signs displayed, and I saw this little guy,

I have no idea what made me like it so much- but I reeealllly liked it. I didn't go home with it but I thought about that darn pig for 2 days- until I went back and bought him- I feel like he says "welcome to the farmhouse" all happily perched in my bushes. A few days after Fred made his new home in my yard, me and a friend were browsing an antique mall when I saw this 

My heart skipped a beat! It was love at first sight- he's in my garage waiting to be hung on my pillar :) 

I know what your thinking, "what's with the pigs?" But wait it gets better....

I went to visit my Grandparents Sunday and my grandma was all excited "I found you something at the thrift store this week I think you'll like! If not you can put it in your booth." (She knew nothing about my new found love of pigs), and she pulls this out...

I squealed! (Pun intended)... It's perfect sitting on my counter :) 

I now pledge to honestly try and stop at 3... 

Except I saw this at Cracker Barrel yesterday... 

And it's on sale! I'm trying hard to refrain. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

The GIANT bookcase

Two things about me, 
1. I love organization
2. I'm an impulse buyer

Which brings me to this,

Last week I was thinking it would be nice to put a small book case on an empty wall in my living room for some of my favorite book/items... this led to looking on Craigslist... which then led to seeing this add....

This thing was HUGE but after a few emails I learned it was in great condition, solid wood, and she only wanted $100 for it, my mind was made up, I didn't know where I was going to put it but I NEEDED it, it was just too good a deal to pass up. I then searched Craigslist labor section and found an add stating they did all types of moves on short notice, gave them a call and they offered to go pick it up, deliver, and set it up for $40! I decided to use it to replace this black shelf in my craft room....

The new shelf was enormous! But has large cabinets for hidden storage, drawers, and 8 adjustable shelves

This will be the new organizational station for my paints, fabrics, scrapbook paper, almond other crafting supplies.

The ironic part of this story is that in my booth I mainly do sewing projects, antiques, vintage items- I painted a small end table once but have been intimidated at the thought of painting anything bigger... Until now...I thought "I can totally paint that, it'd look great white!" The same night I brought it home, me and my boyfriend took off all the hardware, lightly sanded the piece and applied the first coat of chalk paint, tomorrow the final coat will go on, beadboard will go on the back of the shelves that you see unpainted, along with distressing, antique waxing the piece, and painting the hardware. I will post the finished project, here's the piece in its current state...

Needless to say, I now feel like I could tackle any piece of furniture. 

The beginning...

Here we are...

The beginning of my blog- something I've had on the never ending to-do list for quite some time- one of those things I never quite seemed to have enough "time" for, but I'm starting a new chapter in my life- and I'm set on accomplishing all the things I've always wanted to do. 

Why have I always wanted to start (and maintain) a blog.....
1. Home decorating, crafting, cooking, baking- have always been passions... What I do in my free time, and I want to share it with as many people as I can. 
2. A way for my friends/family to keep up with what's going on in my life, my business, and my home. 
3. I'm currently reading "the happiness project", if you haven't read if I highly recommend it, she had wanted to start a blog and made it a point to take the plunge- and that was inspiration for me. 
4. To let others see how fun, exciting, and sometimes way easier than you'd think to whip up a delicious dinner, bake a cake from scratch, tackle that project you've seen... or to paint a piece of furniture (unless its an 8 ft by 8 ft book case- more on that later!) or even sewing... 

What will I be posting about?
-In January of this year I bought my first home- construction ended and I moved in on May 2nd, join me as I share home projects, and decorating my space. 
-In October of 2012, my friend Vanessa and I signed a contract with University Pickers, a antique mall here in Huntsville- it was something we had both dreamed about and decided to make a reality! We have had our booth "Two Peddlers" since opening day, January 5th, it has been both challenging and rewarding to see our business flourish! I will share in my addiction of thrifting, yard sailing, estate sales, painting, and crafting. 
-Cooking and baking! Who doesn't love to eat? Will post some of my favorite recipes and new things I try, if their not flops of course... 
-Just my life in general, anything I may find worthy to share, because I can honestly say I'm in a great place, I'm happier than I've ever been! And I can't wait to see what's still in store. 

So I hope you gain something from this because I know I will!