Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving on up

I've had a bit of an absence, this has been an incredibly busy (but good busy!) last few weeks

One of the most exciting being that Two Peddler's is MOVING ON UP!!! MOVING ON UP, TO THE TOP..... to a deluxe booth in the back of the store!

To get an idea, here is our previous booth...

I loved this little booth- It was the one we picked out when University Picker's was months from opening, it had only framed walls.  Me and Vanessa stood there looking at it wondering if we could take it on, it was an 8 by 10.  It's funny looking back and when we thought "Wow! this is going to be a lot to fill, and what if we don't sell anything?" But fast forward 7 months later and we were doing pretty darn good! and STUFFED to the rafters with merchandise between the two of us bringing in new items each week- we knew it was time to move.  It was bittersweet leaving our original home, but the store's owner, Paul, built us a beautiful 10 by 13 space in the back of the store, the new space also has 2 four foot walls making more of an "entrance" into our booth.

With the new space we were able to each have a side to personalize- you walk in and I'm on the left, Vanessa is on the right and we share the middle and back wall.  We each had a 4 foot wall, and 10 foot wall to decorate and display our goods! it was a VERY exciting. But then the fun stuff..... the painting, decorating, moving, bringing in more to fill it up.... so it looked like this for about a half a day...

I like to think that about 85% of the time I am a neat and tidy person, messes cause me anxiety, I didn't even know where to start- we both just stood there thinking "what next??" but 8 hours later, we had this.... The entrance to Two Peddlers.

After entering you'll see on the left is my space, I had decided to go with a name change and now welcome to "The Painted Farmhouse,"

I'm so excited to see what the future holds for our little business!