Friday, August 22, 2014

Living Room Progression

Home decor...One of my ohhh so favorite things!

However, I can browse through Pinterest for HOURS and pin lots of gorgeous rooms that I'm in love with, but when it comes to my own home, I have such a hard time making up my mind! I love neutrals, and I'm drawn to rooms with lots of whites, such as this gorgeous room... (courtesy of Liz Marie's blog) 

But my personality just requires more color, I have decided I just simply cannot have a room comprised of only whites and creams. 

The first step of my Living room re-do was to find a new rug.  I LOVED my garage sale find rug, but after living with it for a year, it was time for a change, I needed something more neutral, something where I could change the pillows and seasonal decor without having to worry about matching. 

I really like the look of the natural jute rugs, but my adjoining dining room has one and I think two side by side would be too much. I also like big patterns but knew I would grow tired of one, these were contenders...

Loved the colors but the strips would go vertical in the living room which I wasn't a fan of. 

I am still drawn to chevron even though it is everywhere, but knew I would grow tired of this one.

Very neutral but needed to step away from "oriental."

None screamed "take me home!" until I saw this...

I was instantly attracted to it, it was neutral, it would match my natural jute rug in the dining room.  Only problem was it was an 7'6 by 9'6- after living with a 9 by 12 I was afraid it would be too small, and at first it was,

The former rug went well under the couch and allowed both nightstands to sit fully on the rug.

At this point I had decided it wasn't going to work and that it was going back to the store in the morning but my boyfriend convinced me  that I would grow to like it if I waited a bit- the next morning (and with natural light) I realized I did indeed like it, but that the cream end tables had to go.  Luckily I am just short of a hoarder and had plenty of options in my garage to choose from.  I bought in a nightstand and decided it was perfect. 

It's slowly coming together. Still looking for a side table for the right side so I can put my other lamp back and trying to decide what to put above the couch, thinking of another gallery wall but smaller in size than the one in my kitchen. 

But I am happy with the changes so far :)