Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Getting started on these resolutions...

Today is a new year! A new beginning! As with every other year, I made a list of resolutions- I actually made this list two months ago and titled it "My happiness project" and have been doing well with all but a few, blogging being one of them.. 

But what better way to start off the new year than with a blog post about my favorite projects of 2013 (this might get long) In February I begin building my home- it's one of the best decisions I ever made and customizing all the details was a blast, I built in a townhouse community which means no yard work and more time for crafts :) my home was completed in may and I began to decorate it and make it mine.  My favorite project was my bookshelf transformation which I have previously written a post about. 

1) My TV stand- I have a thing about TV's over mantles, it's fine for some, but I'd rather decorate my mantle with pretty things so I bought an antique little table from a friend and painted it my favorite shade of yellow. 



2) Picture collage wall- I hate blank spaces, my grandmother says my house is "cluttery" but to me it's near perfect :) so within 1 week of moving in- I had this blank wall in the kitchen covered.  I have since moved a few frames around and of course added pictures to the empties. 

3) Overall kitchen- my kitchen is the heart of my home, I love to cook and I spend a lot of time in it. I went with dark floors, subway tile, white cabinets and white granite for a clean look and one where I could pick new color schemes as my style is always changing. I found a rug at target that complemented the space perfectly and added pops of color here and there- my favorite being my red "grocery" sign. 



4) Dining room china cabinet and table- when I first moved in I had my previous counter height modern kitchen table which I liked but I was going more for the farmhouse look this time around- I sold the previous table and while I was looking for my dream dining room table I had a small round table I found for 25.00 at a yard sale to use as a stand in and brought a yellow rug in that I had used in my apartments living room, 

And then while scrolling through Craigslist I found this :) 

And I promptly drove an hour to the middle of nowhere to being it home with me... Strapped in my papas truck.. In the rain... It couldn't be a better fit, although apparently 100 years ago (that's it's estimated age) people and chairs were apparently shorter, the tables skirts hits the top of your legs when you slide under it- I'm still deciding on a solution. 

I've since added 2 blue chairs to each head bringing the seating count to 8. 

5) Living room rug- I first bought a jute rug at ikea that ended up being too small for the room and it now it resides on my patio 


While yard sailing one morning a lady was having an estate sale- I walked through her home and found a few odds and ends and walked out onto the back patio and saw this... 

It was huge! And 100% wool- minimally worn and marked 75.00- I asked her if she'd take 50.00, she said yes and home with me it came- I think it fills the space beautifully! And brings in a lot of warmth. 

6) My mason jar collection display- I have a problem- I'll admit it and take no shame, I collect jars.. Lots and lots of jars- so many that I'm only able to display my favorites and the rest are scattered about and in the garage, but the top of my china cabinet is flat allowing me to have my favorites out. :) 

Various other projects that I completed in 2013 as gifts, items for my booth and a few for myself- 

Painted a pig (what else?) as a sign for my booth 

Handmade pillows for booth 

Transformed from a very bright turquoise to white 

Mirror for booth 

A custom order 

This years Halloween cards 

Mirror for booth 

First appliqué 

Pot holders for Christmas gifts 

And that wraps 2013 up! Excited to share projects and home decor as they happen this year- now if only this cold weather would move on! I'm ready for yard sale season.