Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Homemade picture ledges

My bedroom was one of the first rooms I decorated after moving into my home, but there was always this large blank wall that I wasn't sure what to do with.  I thought about an additional dresser but I didn't want it to be too crowded.  I also thought about a small console and TV on this wall but I prefer to keep TV's out of the bedroom.  I was looking through Shanty 2 chic's projects and came across these picture ledges,

They were perfect! and super easy to construct.  My original plans were to paint the shelves white but all my furniture is dark and after the first coat of dark stain I really liked the way they were looking and decided to leave them.  I staggered them opposed to stacking to take up more of the wall space.  I love that I can change the items on the shelf such as pictures when I choose and don't have to worry about holes in the wall.  I used dry wall anchors and screwed these directly into the wall. 

One of these days I will invest in a nice camera, but for now it's the trusty ol' iPhone.

I'm not sold on the decor items, I just went around the house and grabbed things, but the Antlers are definitely staying :)


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