Friday, February 6, 2015

I'm back and with a glaze tutorial

It's been awhile since I've posted on the blog, life gets in the way between keeping my booth stocked, my own home projects, working full time, and maintaing my Facebook page;

My birthday is Sunday and I recently received my gift from my aunt in the mail, along with a few other goodies was this journal....

The interesting part is, my aunt did not know that I have a blog, or that the name is "Peddlin' Through Life." I took it as a sign....

The blog has come in handy lately, when people ask for one of my recipes, I can often just send a link to it here which has the ingredients, pictures, and all, much more convenient than writing it down each time :)

I decided to write up a short post about General Finishes Glaze Effect's, if you haven't already checked out "Chrissie's collections," I highly suggest you add her on Facebook, she creates AMAZING pieces and is the source for a lot of my inspiration.  She also has a booth at University Picker's in the back of the store, which is conveniently where you can buy the full line of General Finishes products.

I did this project using Maison Blanche's chalk paint in "Sugar Cane" and GF glaze effects in Burnt Umber.

I found this cute frame at a thrift store, it's finish wasn't too bad but kind of looked cheap, and it had the perfect crevices to practice with the glaze, since it was my first time, I didn't want to mess up a more expensive piece.

First I painted one very light coat of the chalk paint, this will allow the second coat to adhere nice and smooth. Let dry, then applied a second coat.

 I then applied the glaze effects with a paint brush, applying heavily in the corners, I forgot to take a picture of this step, but it looked like I poured chocolate milk over the frame.  Then I used damp paper towels, which is recommended for water based finishes, and wiped off the excess, leaving the glaze mainly in the crevices. 

I lightly sanded the frame to allow some of the original gold to show through, and that was it! I will seal this with GF high performance polyurethane. 

Just love that aged antiqued look :)

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